bottomSteffi Lippel, MScN, a nutritionist who loves to cook and teach others how to make delicious and nutritious food, has always sought ways to make a positive impact on people’s lives. She received her BA in Sustainable Community Development in 2007 from the University of Arizona in Tucson, and graduated in 2017 with her Masters of Science in Nutrition from the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. Her other adventures include tending an abandoned lot garden in West Philly, planting and educating others on the art of creating edible gardens, and preparing yummy meals from gleaned food for homeless youth. Steffi realizes how critical good nutrition and a postive relationship with food are to one’s well-being through her own struggles with depression, anxiety, and discovering, then pursuing, her purpose. She is excited to share her passion for helping people find their best approach to diet and lifestyle according to their own unique needs and preferences. While taking the time to develop a regular meditation practice, Steffi also enjoys going on hikes with her lovable mutt, Akira, and has recently picked up weight lifting. She lives in Portland, Oregon.

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Steffi Lippel, doing business as Food & Fettle, provides a caring and attentive presence, as well as personalized attention to detail. A focus on healing, integration of diet and lifestyle, and encouragement of positive body image are an important part of my approach. I hold a Masters of Science in Nutrition, and take a holistic, science-based approach to food recommendations and therapeutic diets. Additionally, I am open to a variety of eating and diet ideologies. A priority is sourcing fresh ingredients, with an appreciation for local and seasonally sourced foods and products, while making every effort to make healthy eating affordable and accessible. I am always seeking new food ideas, in order to keep your eating experience fresh and exciting. I offer nutritional counseling, personal chef service, as well as healthy cooking lessons, pantry sweeps, and guided shopping trips aimed at helping you become comfortable navigating the grocery shopping experience.

A little more about my philosophy...

Humans have become disconnected from their food. From the time the seeds spend in the soil, through the hands that harvest, to the acts of shopping, cooking, and eating, as well as the effects diet and nutrition have on your health and well-being, food is a topic that few are completely comfortable with. In my work, I take the entire modern human food chain into consideration. I prefer to emphasize ingredients that have been responsibly grown and produced, while making meal planning, shopping, and cooking easy. My goal is to help you understand how you can feel better in your body and mind through your food choices.

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Stevie P. - 2/12/18

My partner and I reached out to Steffi during a time when we were both incredibly busy and struggling to find time to cook and eat nutritious food. We had been relying on meal kit deliveries (which often went to waste because we didn’t have the time for meal prep) or the fully prepared meal delivery plans (which never tasted fresh and always seemed to be too salty). After a very thorough and personalized consultation, we decided to hire Steffi for her personal chef services which turned out to be an amazing decision! She was able to work within our budget and prepare nutritious meals in our own kitchen that tasted like they were prepared in a 5 star restaurant! Each week she would present us with a menu that was tailored to our specific taste buds and nutritional needs and prepared the meals we chose in our kitchen once a week. She left us with expertly stored meals with easy instructions for reheating. It’s kind of awesome how proper food storage can make reheated food taste genuinely freshly prepared! After a couple months of enjoying her delicious food, my schedule finally eased up a bit and I wanted to start cooking again myself. Steffi was so helpful during the transition and took the time to teach me some of the best food preparation and storage techniques that made meal prep for the week way easier and quicker than I ever thought possible.

Zandy G. - 1/28/18

“Cooking is all about connection, I've learned, between us and other species, other times, other cultures (human and microbial both), but, most important, other people. Cooking is one of the more beautiful forms that human generosity takes; that much I sort of knew. But the very best cooking, I discovered, is also a form of intimacy.” – Michael Pollan
After going through a couple of hard life transitions from moving communities to leaving a cherished relationship this past year, I was finding it hard to fully engage in needed self-care on a daily basis- a big part of that was nutrition. I was struggling to eat enough meals in a day, let alone cook for myself. The longer I went without cooking, the more intimidated and unconfident I felt when it came to returning to the kitchen. Working with Steffi helped me with this simple but transformative act. This winter she taught me how to make a nourishing potato leek soup ( with coconut milk) and delicious gluten free bread. She was patient and understanding, working alongside me in the kitchen. I did not feel judged as she reminded me how to cut certain vegetables and answered my many questions on basic cooking protocols. She provided all the ingredients and was very comprehensive when she explained the benefits of preparing foods certain ways and the variety of qualities of different kinds of foods. We talked about balancing healthy fats and how to make certain minerals and vitamins more bio-available.
I learned a lot and had a really comforting, inspiring time working with Steffi. Most importantly, I got to re-experience the therapeutic nature of making a meal for oneself. I could not have done this without Steffi’s gentle, thoughtful, and encouraging instruction. I look forward to doing more classes with her soon.

Candice S. - 9/27/17

I contacted Steffi with fatigue and digestive issues that have been plaguing me for years. She responded immediately with an array of situational questions to diagnose accurately. Just that step alone started the realization process of my sugar induced crash and burn diet. She developed a personal plan to cut my sugar, increase water consumption, and healthy ways to get thru my swing shift work schedule. She also introduced bitters for digestion including recipes to make my own. (I have made and still use daily.) This literately changed my life. I'm lactose and gluten intolerant and have trouble digesting most food combinations. With the aid of bitters, I actually feel my stomach working again. I'm now not afraid to eat hearty meals, which was the cyclic problem of amping up on carbs for energy. Steffi checked in often and made me feel truly important with one on one guidance.

Brigitte H. - 9/15/17

My mother is 93 years of age, living alone and relatively healthy. However, she has not really enjoyed food for a long time and didn't have much of an appetite, which left her tired and listless. She hates the Boost and Ensure beverages-she says they are much too sweet. Steffi was able to formulate a smoothie plan that is both tasty and packed with the appropriate nutrients. My mother now almost seems to gleefully look for kale, spinach and berries in the supermarket. And she has her energy back - most days she walks a mile!

Garnet Emma B. - 9/14/17

Steffi helped me through one of the worst times that I have ever had in my body. The recomendations that she made have changed my life for the better. I'm truly grateful for her knowledge, and the way she applies it. I would highly recommend her to anyone.